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Eliana, 5yr

Amanah, 2yr

From The House of Israel Ohio, in Columbus OH

The Power We Possess

By Ishshah Chayil

January 1, 2022

From the time that we were little girls even until now, we have always been reminded of our

inferiority in comparison to men. For Example, If we look at America, there has always been a

movement to put women on the same pedestal as men because the idea that a woman cannot do

what a man can do is vexing to the average woman. There is absolutely no doubt that we are

powerful creatures, but we’ve become so obsessed with the thought of stepping into a man’s lane

that we have failed to see the glory of thriving in our own lane as women. Read More


By: Ishshah Chayil

January 1, 2022

Time has always been a luxury that we all desire and just cannot get enough of. It seems

like it escapes from us when we are having the time of our lives, and when we are bored, it

cannot go fast enough. For us mothers, there is never enough time. I am a stay-at-home mother

myself with 5 children under the age of 10. While they are all a delight, they each require time

and my husband as well. So, one would wonder, how in the world do I have time to be a wife,

mother of 5, blogger, secretary of a committee in the church and a praise dance instructor. Read More


November 2, 2021

Please take a few minutes to answer a What We Put On and Inside of OUR BODIES for research purposes. Thank You! 



November 1, 2021

This months Cover'd Girl of the Month is sister Jennie from the House of Emmanuel, Tribe of Ephraim. Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur! Sister Jennie has demonstrated the fruit of the spirit in good deeds and and for that, she is worthy of recognition. The scripture teaches us to always be occupied in good works and Sis is always looking for opportunities to put her hands to the plow and go the extra mile to look to the well being of our people. APTTMH for sisters like her! So be sure to show your sister some love and give some encouraging words. Continue being a light my sister!

"I found God, I thought they'd be happier for me"

October 2021

I found God! I thought everyone would be happier for me. I've finally come to a place where everything is making sense. I grew up my whole life in the church thinking that I was doing something wrong. Why I couldn't bring myself to shout or why giving our money was confusing. But now that I know, I cant go back. I can't just ignore the tug in my spirit to keep seeking. I really don't understand. I found God, I thought they'd be happier for more

CG of The 7th Month:​ Sis KeenanYah

October 2021

This Month we want to acknowledge our Dear Sister KeenanYah of the House of Brother Shamar.  She is such a valued asset to our nation.  Sometimes we don't realize all the wisdom we're surrounded by. Sister KeenanYah dedicates her time to education families on how to grow their own food and become self-sufficient. Sis host Beginner's Gardening Seminars and write eBooks on how you can start your garden with little space, Storing seeds, Canning and so much more! She makes time to edify sisters in the word and pray for and with you in times of need. She is so deserving of the recognition. We pray that she will stay encouraged in doing the work of The Most High. Be sure to give sis encouraging words and a huge Thank You for all that she do! 

CG of The 6th Month: Sis Yanasai

September 2021

This Month we want to acknowledge our Beloved Sister Yanasai for being such an valuable asset to the community/Nation. Sis is consistent in good works from writing righteous content & books, to her P31 Podcast giving insight and words of wisdom to sisters in the walk, being active in charity with the Sheatl Organization and the SheListen youtube show. Its so important that we motivate and acknowledge those who actually lay their bricks in the nation. Building up sisters and being a woman of compassion toward her people. Sis is so deserving of this. So when you see sis, be sure to Shalom her and give her some encouraging words. Even the sisters that do the pouring, need to be poured into. Halleluyah!

CONGRATULATIONS Sister Zemira Israel!!

September 2021

Let take a moment to congratulate our sister Zemira Israel on her success of making it on the Billboard charts!! 4th place and making history! YOU BETTER GO SIS!! Some may not understand the importance of this move. I instantly thought of Genesis 1:28 and How The Most High has given us dominion on the earth. Leading in righteousness and being a light unto our world. Pathing the way for Israel. REPRESENTING! Because when one of us Win, we all should feel like Winners. When one Fall, we should carry our sisters burdens. When one is in the season of their glory, she should feel how proud we are of her! I said what I said! Operate confidently in your calling sis! Keep shining your light!

All praise to The Most High & His son!

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September 2021

 When you hear "Modesty" the main focus is usually fashion. Yes Fashion, but it runs so much deeper than just the clothing. Having a Humble spirit is Modest. Not always looking to have the last word is Modest, Being ok with your natural beauty is Modest. Not looking for credit when you do good is Modest. 

Now, its nothing wrong with feeling proud of your accomplishments but actually giving another person the opportunity to acknowledge and praise you for your good works. Are we Seeking approval? Not at all! Yes, we are to shine our lights, but how do we do both? Being Modest and Being a Light? To me that says...

Stay Tuned


August 2021

LW Launching Winter 2021

A Magazine geared toward the Black, Hispanic and Native American Woman. The 12 Tribes of Israel. To Uplift, Inspire & Edify our sisters on the ins and outs of living a righteous/ Lawkeeping Lifestyle! With the help of our bomb CG Team of Sisters striving to bring forth great content to help plant seeds within our people as well as entertain. From Edification on Modesty, Marriage, Courting & Singleness, Finances, Food, Art, News and Law.

 We hope to get the support of the nation to make this a success. There are so many ways to get involved! 

Halleluyah, May TMH get all the glory!

We Love Followers Feedback! 

We love to get feedback on the content. All praise to The Most High for being able to produce righteous content for our people.  Now providing physical magazines for every Israelite (Black, Hispanic & Native American) household. Content that our daughters can soak up! Beautiful Modest examples, Edifying Material and Access to Israelite owned businesses. 

May The Most High & His Son be Glorified!

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