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COVER'D GIRLZ is a brand that promotes and encourages Modesty in young Girls & Women.  

APTTMH! Now growing into more than just an Inspirational page on social media to becoming a Magazine! 

Let's take a look not only into the wardrobe of a Modest Woman but into the Life of a Modest Woman. 

CG Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for the Israelite Woman (Black, Hispanic & Native American) giving deep insight on what its like returning to our God-given identity and embracing our true Culture and Heritage. Striving to keep Gods biblical Laws, Statues & Commandments and Being a light to the world.

May The Most High get all the Glory, Honor & Praise! 🌹

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What does the scripture say about the Character, Role, Speech & Appearance of a Godly woman? What is required of us as believer of the Most High and follower of Christ. 

As Believing Women, How should we conduct ourselves?


We understand the importance of Positive Representation. In order for people to know its possible, reprentation matters. Christ was  the ultimate example of what we should do and be. 

So because representation matters, we create the visual of Modest examples so sisters can see that you can still be Fashionable, you can still have your own unique style, all while being a representation as a believer. Full of Israelite Culture & Heritage follow

For Daily Modest Fashion Inspiration.

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Sis Tenola Baht Israel🌹

Tribe of Gad


🌟To all the Daughters of Zion🌟

This project is dedicated to ALL the Daughters of Zion! All 12 Tribes of Israel.  The Black, Hispanic & Native American Woman. Northern & Southern Kingdom. Striving daily to keep the Laws, Statues & Commandments of The Most High & Faith in Christ. 

Continue being a Light! This is the time to make our presence known. Leading In the spirit of Righteousness!

Qam Yasharahla!

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Modest Beauties


Ecclesiastes 3:3

 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


Thank You Vibe Candle!

Sending a huge Thank You to our supporters at Vibe Candle for allowing Cover'd Girlz Magazine to be displayed in their shop at Livingston Mall location in NJ! We pray it plant seeds within our people!

 Peace & Blessings



Our way of giving back to the community! We offer these programs to assist Girls & Women who are on a journey to self improvement. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually. 

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DISCLAIMER: CG is not affiliated with a particular camp or congregation.  We intent to Uplift, Inspire & Edify our people through the Laws, Statues & Commandments with edifying yet entertaining content.

 All of the Daughters of Zion are welcome!